BOWEN & BINSTOCK ADVERTISING, 920 YONGE Street, SUITE 1010, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3C7 Tel: 416 961 4060. Fax: 416 961 0836
JOHN BOWEN John has successfully operated Bowen & Binstock for over 30 years and as B&B has always been a

medium to small group,  The hands-on nature of B&B has given us a depth of experience seldom found in a group

of our size.  John’s strength is in strategic marketing and administration but after 30 years in the business brings

a tremendous communications knowledge base to everything he works on.  John is the primary point man.

ERIC BELL –  Eric came to us via Advertising Agencies in Montréal and Toronto and ICI Design Group in London England.

He has 30 years of experience in advertising art direction and knows his way around the industry.  He has been a partner

for 15 years and the chemistry between him and John has created quite a dynamic duo.    Eric has the unique advantage

of  having  a combined experience of graphic design with advertising making our finished products even more effective